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HURMA All-in-One solution for HRMand Recruitment

HURMA is designed to automate your routine: HR and Recruitment processes.Maintain personnel information, manage requests, payroll and time tracking. Use Recruitment module to save time and hire the best people with less effort and cost. Make the world a better place to be!


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Manage all employees' requests in one place

In HURMA we don't say: «...to get your day-off approved you have to start filling this abysmal form».We say: «Do the request in HURMA».
Our Customers enjoy the benefit of going through the approval process in a few clicks.
HR managers can manage all the requests for absence, vacations, sick days, work shifts rescheduling — just in one place.
Every employee can request her time off using chatbots. We are told that this is an exceptionally handy option when your mobile phone is the only thing you have at the moment.

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Balance and reconcile payroll data

Take care of salary deductions, record keeping, and verifying the reliability of pay data using the information within HURMA.
Don't be scared of calculations, with HURMA you won't miss anything.

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People are the key

HURMA provides a full range of tools for people management.

Ask HR managers about what they are eager to see in a perfect Human Resource Management System?

They mention a few important things...
Organizational structure — everyone needs to know how things in your company work.
Do you have to prepare an anniversary party? — create a corporate event and everyone will see it on the main Dashboard, everyone will receive the notification and no one will miss it.
Impossible not to know how your company is going to make the world a better place — let us introduce you OKR module, here it is.

One-on-one meetings, personal tasks, and onboarding scripts will help you to engage talents and be on the same page with them.

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Who runs the world (Data)

Last, but not least — Statistics.

Our Statistics module is focused on employees: general information, staff turnover, and even mood report — everything aimed at the most important — humans.

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We are always ready to help

Our agents solve whatever challenge you have (even the impossible one). Hurma Customer Care team is happy to receive any feedback and become better just for you.

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Create talent pool in few clicks

Expand your area to find new candidates using our plugin for Google Chrome — AI FOX. You can add candidates from wherever you want just in few clicks. Search and add them to the vacancy funnel, increasing productivity by 25%.

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Discover new channels for talent acquisition

Use the most popular job portals and offer boards for publishing vacancies and collecting all applications at one place from your future employees.

You can also create your own career landing page and share the link for sending CV on alternative channels: social networks, messengers chats etc — to choose only effective channels for hiring.

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Simple pipeline management

Structure hiring process into stages of your own. With integrations hub observe your candidates in a single pane of glass — to control your recruitment process. Move candidates within your hiring flow via drag&drop. Automate notifications on the important stages of your choice and stay in touch with your prospective employees.

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Make data-driven decisions to improve hiring process

You don’t need to be an Excel guru. HURMA will automatically collect data and build graphs. Vacancy funnel, recruiter effectiveness, employees mood — nobody has to gather that information manually — HURMA will do it for you.

The statistics can help you dive deep into your hiring to draw the right insights and improve your recruitment process.

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We are always ready to help

Our agents solve whatever challenge you have (even the impossible one). Hurma Customer Care team is happy to receive any feedback and become better just for you.

Do more with less effort

“We help your company grow” © Iryna Chuniak HRD Manager, HURMA


Effortless Implementation

Forget about complex and long implementation. We will help you configure HURMA for your company


User-friendly interface

Intuitive interface made with love to our users. We’re not perfect, but we will be for customers



We add new functionality in response to customer feedback. Our Customer Care team consistently receives 99,9% satisfaction ratings from our clients



High-speed performance no matter how big the database is





Managing absences in a couple of clicks

HR Survey Constructor

Chatbots for Slack

Detailed analytics

Company Organizational Chart

All in one


Use an affordable solution that will help improve HR, recruiting, and goal management processes.

The All-in-One package includes the entire set of tools.



Vacancies auto-placement

Candidate database

All communication with candidates is in the system

Detailed analytics

Career Website

Sourcing extension

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